To apply for Online PT, fill out the 'Contact Us' box to your right by typing 'ONLINE PT' as your enquiry where I will be in touch to collect more information from yourself regarding your training.




Having clients from all areas across the country makes it almost impossible for me to work with them remotely, hence the launch of my Online PT Platform. 

Unlike most instagram PT's, my Online PT platform is at the front end of the market in terms of value and advancements you will recieve from my platform. It won't just be giving you a plan to follow. It will be weekly feedback videos from myself breaking down your progress daily from the previous week, monitoring your overload which I can see as you complete your sessions and upload results onto my platform. The breakdown and analysis of your week will be second to none, as you will have already seen the depth i go into on my instagram @Ianfindlay_pft. From performance parameters, nutrition goals, sleep quality, heart rate variance, recovery, water intake, micronutrient profiles of foods you're consuming to maximise your performance or goals whether you're an Athlete prepping for a World Title fight or Pre Season Football, to changing your body coimposition whether thats weight loss or gain. Online PT is often underrated whether thats previous bad experiences with Online PT or not understanding the value and insights I will provide through my Online PT platform. 

To apply for Online PT, fill out the 'Contact Us' form to your right and fill out your enquiry with 'ONLINE PT' and il get back to you as soon as I can



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