Results Guaranteed

Results Guaranteed


You’ve arrived here because you are unhappy about something. Whether that's:

  • The way you look
  • The clothes that no longer fit you
  • The lack of confidence you have in yourself
  • The upcoming Holiday/Wedding/Event 
  • The solutions you're searching for to achieve the goal you set at the start of the year

 I'm only interested in YOUR reasons and HOW I CAN HELP YOU achieve your goals.

We will then track your progress and adjust the plan as you progress. 

Follow this programme and I guarantee a change.

How I can help you achieve your goals

  • Initial Total Daily Energy Expenditure worked out so we can adjust your calories around this (goal deopendant)
  • Weekly check in to maximise adherence and accountability where I will provide feedback and direction going forward from week to week so you know your goal from check in to check in
  • Full training programme scripted for outwith your PT session (included in price) where once you complete a workout it gets automatically uploaded onto my platform that I pay for, where I can monitor and analyse your consistency, performance and effort and provide feedback and advise on top of this.


If you follow the guidelines/targets provided, you WILL progress and hit your personal goal. As i mentioned before, there is absolutely no guess work, everything is calculated pricesly and specifically to you. 


Scientifically Proven Systems and method’s

There will be no random exercise/training regime pulled together in 5 minutes. All sessions are designed specifically individualised to your needs with your end goal in mind using both the latest in technology, in addition to scientifically proven method's.

Ian Findlay Premier Fitness Training App

We will use this platform where all your workouts will be uploaded with videos of each exercise if you are unsure of them, as well as an input box for you to input your performance markers such as weight lifted etc, which you can view the next time so you can ensure you're trying to progressively overload which I will ensure by analysing your performance amd uploads




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