Maximise Your Performance

Maximise Your Performance


Taking you to the next level


Athletes on the Performance Programme 

  • MMA Welterweight World Champion
  • Team GB Athlete's
  • European Sprinting Champion
  • Professional Footballers
  • Retired Footballers
  • Highland League Football Players
  • Paralympians
  • Beauly Shinty Team


The majority of athletes, whether that's Football, Rugby, Tennis or Motocross have no specific program in which they follow where they are 100% confident they are training at the optimal intensity and threshold for physiological adaptations to occur.

Here's where I have designed Ian Findlay-PFT, based around this problem, providing a solution. There is no point in wasting your time training with guess work. Laps around the field doesn't work, as you're probably aware of.


What's Involved in the Program

  • Needs analysis undertaken of your chosen discipline, highlight metabolic pathways, movement patterns and injury statistics of both the Athlete and the Sport
  • Initial pre program testing highlight athlete deficiencies and understanding a base starting point
  • Calculation of the Athletes current (MAS) Maximal Aerobic Speed (Cardiovascular Fitness) over a specific test 
  • Exact percentages and numbers to hit during training sessions with the goal of working at a certain percentage of the Athletes MAS (no guess work, all numbers)
  • Maximal Strength and Power Output Tests
  • Testing after each 6-week block of training to monitor progress from pre training results
  • The latest in technology will be used to analyse Velocity (speed) of movements from Maximal Power output to Maximal Strength 

0 guess work. To perform like a professional athlete, you need to train like one!


Who The Athlete Performance Program is For

Anyone looking to:

  • Improve Maximal Aerobic Speed (Cardiovascular Fitness)
  • Improve Power Output 
  • Improve Maximal Strength
  • Improve recovery time between efforts
  • Take your playing / competing performance to the next level
  •  Train like an athlete with science based methodology. No guess work, all accurate calculations in response to your testing data.

All programs are designed through conducting a needs analysis on your specified discipline, highlighting common movement patterns, common injuries, physiological demands of the chosen
sport/activity as well as metabolic pathways involved to create a multifaceted and efficient program.

What we can use to achieve your goals?

  • Power Meters to get perfect readings on your maximum Power Output and Speed of each lift, taking all the guess work out of training
  • Specialised shorts which measure biosignals from muscular contractions to determine muscular imbalances and weakness, allowing us to formulate a programme to maximise performance which can also be connected to a heart rate monitor to see the trend between your heart rate and muscular fatigue
  • Speed gates which allow us to measure acceleration to pin point accuracy as they are operated by lasers meaning the timings are precise where we can initially test, work through a programme and then Re-Test to measure improvements
  • Latest technology to support our training program to analyse training success (in real time) as you are training, ensuring we are working at the optimal intensity and velocity, as well as pre and post-training block tests designed with your discipline in mind.
  • Highlight underactive/insufficient areas which are detrimental to your performance and implement movements with the goal to increase performance whilst reducing injury likelihood! 

To take your athletic potential to the next level, greater investment needs to be applied whilst  considering Sport Science based methods to achieve this goal. With the current research advancements and technology readily available, you can raise the bar on your current playing/competing performance to excel in your chosen discipline.

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