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Ian Findlay - The Academy

Solutions to all your exercise problems / Ian Findlay - The Academy.

What’s Included? 

Im sure you can relate to walking into the gym with no real purpose or plan each session, going through spells where you're motivated followed by a drop of momentum and having to re-start over. Further yet, have no idea how many calories to consume, and on top of that, needing 'healthy' meal ideas to assist your training? Even more common, is walking into the gym questioning the exercises you're doing and the knowledge you have and spending most of your gym session wondering if this is of any benefit? This is where Ian Findlay - The Academy, becomes the solution.

Instead of walking into the gym with no real purpose and plan and losing motivation 30 minutes in, maximise your progress and time with Ian Findlay - The Academy.

For your £80 per month, you will be provided with a full training platform through an app on your phone where you will be assigned your programme specific to your goals with videos of each exercise with overloading mechanisms in place to ensure progression where you will input loads lifted, so I can analyse and feedback, and reflect on previous sessions.


Full access to the Ian Findlay - The Academy training platform on your mobile phone with programmes to suit your training goals. You will recieve coaching along the way from one of our coaches, from check ins every 2 weeks to maximise adherence. Your full training programme will have videos for EVERY exercises and an input box for you to record your efforts, which can be used as a training diary which your coach will over see and ensure you're progressing effectively.  



You will have full access to The Academy nutrition pack, as well as recommended towards the app which autogenerates meals in relation to your calorie goal and eating preferences. You will also have your calories calculated for you in relation to your training goal, with analysis of this being part of the check in procedure.  



My goal within 'The Academy' is not only to solve your training and nutrition problems, but to use this as a platform to educate and teach you the fundamentals longer term. Instead of you just 'following the plan', you will have FULL access to Ian Findlay - The Academy private educational podcasts on everything Fitness, Nutrition and Training to maximise your knowledge and understanding longer term. In addition, you will also have full access to Ian Findlay - The Academy private education page where there will be videos and posts weekly to maximise your time within 'The Academy' and build your knowledge throughout. There will also be events such as the Ben Wyvis Group Challenge, Bootcamps, and events similar all available to members of The Academy to provide you with all the tools and motivation you have been looking for. 



There will be monthly activities within The Academy such as Outdoor Group PT sessions, Mountain climbs, seminars and competitions to win vouchers, weekends away, cash etc to maximise your accountability and training efforts and get the absolute most out of Ian Findlay - The Academy.

All for just over the price of 1 PT session. The Academy is £80 p/m, which works out as £20 per week.

To join Ian Findlay - The Academy and save yourself questioning your exercises, meal choices and calorie intake, click the subscribe button at the very bottom of this page  or enter your name and ‘The Academy’ into the contact form on this page for more information.

Thanks, and I look forward to you joining The Academy and showing you a different outlook on training and taking you towards your goals.

Ian Findlay

'The very best of Training, Nutrition, Education, Community & Adherence, all on your mobile phone'

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